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My Childhood Trauma  My Family's Trauma  In Conclusion

Listen to a full sound healing session.
Get comfortable and listen with headphones if possible (44 minutes)

Sound healing is so calming. If we lie down, really let go of all the tension in our bodies and open our ears, minds and hearts to the clear, vibrating sounds of the singing bowls, gong, chimes, tuning forks, drum and the human voice, magic can happen. We can be transported to higher states of consciousness, experiencing peace and bliss. Any erratic vibrations which cause energy blockages in our bodies and auras, that were caused by past trauma, become entrained to the clear vibrations of these instruments and energetic flow resumes.

Flow is so important to our health. We have electricity and fluids coursing through our bodies. Past trauma that has not healed gets stuck somewhere in the body and creates blockage. When there is energetic blockage, flow is interrupted and the electrical impulses and fluids can not move freely through the body. This disruption can cause all kinds of physical ailments. So the more we do to facilitate flow, the healthier we are. Sound healing breaks up blockages caused by past traumas and opens up these blocked areas to return to natural flow.

Another way that sound healing supports us is by releasing current stress. It is critically important that, after a stressful experience, we get our stress level back down to zero. Our bodies can not handle remaining at high stress levels for long periods of time. If we don't allow ourselves to soften into deep relaxation after stressful events, it is just a matter of time before we develop disease or even have an accident. Both of these circumstances would result in having to spend time slowing way down in order to heal. It is much better to prevent illness or accidents by taking time, regularly, to relax deeply into a state of peaceful bliss. This is the state that sound healing offers us. I want to add that people who have had big trauma in their lives are stressed out a lot; they have constant concerns. They are always on the lookout for some bad thing to happen again. For such people, Sound Healing can be an incredible ally.

A one-hour Sound Healing Session is $60