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My Childhood Trauma  My Family's Trauma  In Conclusion

Gemstone Therapy works with the premise that our health issues are a result of deep trauma from a past experience that has not been resolved and might even be forgotten, especially if the event occurred in a past life. Unresolved trauma is held in our energy fields (auras) which are deeply connected to our energy centers (chakras) that reside in the centerline of our physical bodies.

If the trauma remains unresolved, eventually, the stress of holding onto it can manifest as illness or physical pain. In Gemstone Therapy, gemstones, corresponding to the colors and vibrational frequencies of the 7 chakras, are placed on the chakras and surrounded by clear quartz crystals, which are amplifiers. The stones vibrate the chakras open and reveal the suppressed trauma. Through guided visualization, the recipient will actually witness, through the mind's eye, the event where and when the trauma occurred. It's like witnessing a dream you had.

This work can be a cathartic experience which I will support you in processing. It is also, almost always, a life transforming and freeing experience because you will finally understand certain things about yourself that have puzzled you. If you are ready for some deep emotional healing, which can lead to physical healing, or want support in understanding some aspect of yourself, this is a powerful step to take on your journey toward transformation. A gemstone therapy session is usually about 1 1/2 hours long and is $100.