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My Childhood Trauma  My Family's Trauma  In Conclusion

One of my passions is making gemstone jewelry as healing tools. Mostly I make necklaces, because wearing them right on your center line, where your chakras are, places the stones right where they need to be to have the most profound effect on the chakras.

So much of the trauma we hold, keeps our chakras from being open and keeps the energy between the chakras from flowing with ease, through our bodies and auras. The flow of energy is so important for optimal health. The stones in the jewelry I make, activate the chakras that correlate with them and through the intention of the wearer, bring healing energy to where it needs to go. The stones really are amazing allies. They too have helped me so much in healing. Please visit my gemstone jewelry page to see what I have in stock, or contact me to have a custom piece made especially for you, to address your personal concerns, or to have something special made for a loved one. I use semi-precious stone beads, Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver and gold fill chains, clasps and beads.